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  • Professional R&D System

     AnkeBio devotes itself to improve life quality of human by discovering, developing, manufacturing  and marketing High-Tech health-care products. R&D ability is one of the most valuable assets of  Ankebio. To ensure continuous scientific achievements, Ankebio established a well-running and high-  efficient Research & Development Center when Corporation was founded; all of the present  marketed products were developed by Ankebio R&D Center independently.

    R&D Field

    ---Genetic Engineering 

    ---Cell Engineering

    ---Diagnostic Kits

    ---Novel Natural Medicine and Modem Chinese Medicine

    ---BiochemistryTechnologiesl Drug Delivery Systems

    ---Precision Medicine

    Main Research Projects

    ---Development and Application of Human Interferon α Monoclone Antibody

    ---Inductrialized Product Research of Interferon α 2b Series Products

    ---Research and Development of Recomninant Human Growth Hormone

    ---Development and Industrialization of Immune Infertility Diagnostic Kits

    ---Novel DNA Technology

    ---Tumor Biological Immunotherapy