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    Ankebio manufacture and supply


    -Recombinant Human Growth Hormone for injection

    A.   Finished Form for injection (EP/USP/CP/WHO Standard)

    B.   Bulk Drug / Raw Material   (EP/USP/CP/WHO Standard)

    -Recombinant Human Interferon a 2b Lyophilized Powder for Injection

    -Recombinant Human Interferon a 2b Liquid for Injection

    -Recombinant Human Interferon a 2b Prefilled Syringe for Injection

    -Recombinant Human Interferon a 2b Cream

    -Recombinant Human Interferon a 2b Eyedrop

    -Recombinant Human Interferon a 2b Suppository

    -ANKEBIO anti-Her2 product (Trastuzumab)

    -ANKEBIO anti-VEGF product (Bevacizumab)

    -ANKEBIO anti-PD1 product


    Diagnostic Kits

    -MAR Kit for Anti-Sperm Antibody

    -Semen Leukocyte Peroxidase Staining Kit

    -One-time Semen Processing Kit

    -Sperm Hypo-Osmotic Staining Kit

    -Sperm Life Detection Kit (Eosin Staining Method)

    -Sperm Staining Detection Kit (Rapid Staining Method)

    -Sperm Acrosin Detection Kit (PSA-FITC Staining Method)

    -Sperm DNA Fragmentation Staining Kit (Wright-GiemsaStaining Method)

    -Diagnostic Kit for Leptin (ELISA)

    -Immunohistochemical Diagnostic Kit for P185erbB-2/HER-2 Oncoprotein


    Precision Medicine Related products

    -Coplete Forensic Product Line

    -CAR-T Related Products

    -CAR-NK Related Products


    Beauty Care Products

    -Polypeptide Repairing Biological Fiber Youth Mask

    -Polypeptide Revitalizing Biological Fiber Anti-ageing Eye Mask

    -Moisturizing Brightening Delicate Activating Essential Liquid

    -Revitalizing Repairing Essential Liquid

    -Purifying Pure Essential Liquid



    Polypeptide APIs

    Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Synthetic Drug&Adefovir Dipivoxil

    For more and updated information, please contact: International Trade Department